Jisnu Communications Ltd., is a specialised engineering company committed to design, development and manufacturing advanced end-to-end strategic communication solutions in the  fields of Telemetry, Tracking, Satcom,  Line of Sight Communication and Real Time Data-Acquisition Systems for  Defence and Space applications and support for Land, Maritime and Airborne deployed Systems.

Jisnu is founded by former Department of Space Scientists in 2003 with a Vision to indigenously develop products and offer solutions of strategic importance. Jisnu's expertise lies in System Level Engineering, High -end Digital Electronic Design, VHDL Coding,  Embedded Systems Solutions, QT/VC++ Application Based Software Solutions on both Linux and Windows Real-Time Operating Systems. 

Jisnu's core strengths in Digital and RF technologies backed by over two decades of expertise in Product Design, Development and Manufacturing has been instrumental in the development, production and integration of various  products and solutions related to Ground, Airborne, Ship-based, Portable/Mobile communication systems, Real Time Data-Acquisition systems for Telemetry and Tracking applications.

Jisnu has been giving great importance to its R&D operations over the years and are recognised by DSIR, DST, DRDO and Govt. of India, since 2009. We at Jisnu are really proud to have been able to develop some breakthrough solutions indigenously.